Annual Declaration Policy (ADP)

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Travel insurance protects business travellers against unforeseen costs like:

  • Hospital bills payable in foreign currencies
  • Costs incurred due to unexpected cancellation of trips
  • Lost luggage
  • Delayed flights

TIC has a range of travel insurance options for companies with staff travelling internationally or locally, for both short trips and extended periods.

The ANNUAL DECLARATION POLICY (ADP) product includes important benefits like Emergency Medical and Related Expenses, Hospitalisation Cover for Pre-existing Illnesses, and Cover for Lost or Stolen Luggage.

What if you need to cancel or postpone a trip due to unexpected illness or accident, and you incur cancellation or curtailment costs?

Or what if you’re hospitalised during a trip and need a replacement staff member to attend to your business commitments?

TIC’s ADP policies provide cover for all of this, ensuring that you travel with complete peace of mind.

TIC’s ADP is specifically designed for organisations with employees who travel extensively.

What is an ADP?

The annual declaration travel policy is an insurance policy issued to a company, which ensures that all staff, sub-contractors, or guests who travel for the company are easily insured without having to obtain quotes or make payments for every trip. The company also benefits from cost-effective rates, higher levels of cover, more comprehensive policy wording, and no excesses payable on claims.

How does this kind of travel policy work?

The company is able to purchase, upfront, a specified number of travel days for a 12-month period.
This is based on the specific needs and travel patterns of the travellers. A daily cost is quoted.

Each time an individual travels for business, the number of days is logged on TIC’s website via a user-friendly client platform.

If the company exhausts the initial upfront estimate, it is possible to buy more days at any time during the year.

After 12 months, TIC provides a reconciliation to compare how many days were travelled to how many days were purchased and, if the travel days exceed the purchased days, a premium notification is raised for the difference.

How can I get an ADP?
  • Complete a one-page information form
  • TIC will send you a quote
  • When you are satisfied with the cover and quote, complete an application form
  • Return the application form and the details of the person who arranges your travel
  • TIC will give the nominated travel booker access to our website so that, whenever an individual is travelling, this trip is logged to ensure cover
How long does the policy take to be active?

After accepting the quotation, allow at least one working day for the policy to be loaded. TIC will send you a premium notification so that the deposit premium can be paid and once that is received, the policy will be active and the system will be open for declarations.

Can our Travel Management Company issue ADP's on our behalf?

Yes. These declarations can be issued by your nominated travel consultant, and TIC will facilitate communication on your behalf as soon as we have the relevant contact details.

How do we log the company’s trips?

A username and password will be given to the person who is nominated to issue declarations on behalf of the company. Each time an employee travels for business, the nominated person simply goes online and enters the dates of travel, destination, and traveller name.

The policy is automatically generated, along with a visa letter to the relevant consulate to confirm cover. There is no need to obtain quotes and make payments for each individual trip.

When does the ADP end?

The policy is in place for a 12-month period, during which all trips can be declared online prior to departure.
After 11 months, TIC will send an invitation to renew the policy for a further 12-month period.

TIC will also compare the number of travel days logged online with the number of days purchased upfront.

If the travel days exceed the purchased days a premium notification will be raised for the difference.

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