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Enter your details in the "Get a quote or buy" yellow box and click on submit to buy or get a quote for travel insurance online.

How many steps are there in the sales process?
There are seven steps:
  • Get a Quote: Your journey details
  • Details: Your details
  • Cover: We present product choices based on your journey
  • Optional Cover: Top up your Cancellation and Curtailment cover
  • Travellers: Tell us precisely who is travelling
  • Pay: We accept all credit cards
I don't want to buy online. How else can I purchase travel insurance from TIC?
  • Call Us: Contact details or
  • Visit your trusted travel agent and ask for TIC information

Which policy will suit you best?

It is important that you take out the correct cover for your journey and your specific travel needs. If after reading this information you still feel unsure, feel free to contact us.

Consider these six points when choosing a product best suited for your requirements:

1. What type of travel are you undertaking?

Facts that can impact on the type of cover to choose:

Are you travelling internationally for business or leisure?
What is your age?
Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?
Pre-existing cover is available on the Leisure Comprehensive Policy (Not on the Leisure Standard Policy)
Pre-existing cover is available on both Business Policies

Leisure Travel - International

  • Are you under 69 years of age? Consider the Leisure Comprehensive or Leisure Standard policies
  • If not, consider the Senior Policy (Ages 70 to 79) or Senior Plus Policy (Ages 80 to 85)
  • If you are going on a gap year and you are under 28, consider the Youth Policy

Business Travel - International

  • Are you under 69 years of age?
  • Are you performing manual labour? Then consider the Business Industrial Policy. If you are not performing manual labour, consider the Business Administrative Policy
2. For leisure travel, define what type of cover you need.

Where are you travelling to?
How long will you be staying?
How many people will be travelling?

Consider the Leisure Comprehensive Policy if:

  • As a family with children sharing cover, you are travelling to a country with a high exchange rate
  • You are away for a long period of time. The longer the journey, the greater the risk of an incident or accident
  • You require higher limits to protect yourself when cancelling or curtailing your journey
  • You want to make absolutely sure that you have the best cover that TIC has to offer

Consider the Leisure Standard Policy if:

  • You require lower limits to protect yourself when cancelling or curtailing your journey
  • You are satisfied with lower medical limits whilst travelling abroad
  • Your trip is of short duration
3. Assess if you have existing cover and if it is adequate.

Facts that can impact on the type of cover to choose:

Are you covered for international travel on your medical aid?
If you purchased a travel product on your credit card, what insurance cover is already included?

Consider a Leisure Comprehensive if:

  • Your credit card cover has a high excess.
  • The benefits are very limited and offer inadequate cover
4. Are you doing a sports activity?

We have an extensive list of sports activities that are automatically covered.

Important deciding factor:

We provide cover for most sports at no extra cost when undertaken for leisure purposes only.
Read more about our Sports Cover.

5. Assess the existing exclusions related to your cover.

Are there any exclusions in a particular policy that might result in you considering a different product?

Each section in the policy wording explains the relevant conditions and exclusions that are relevant to that section. It is important to take the time to read through the policy wording and take note of the exclusions.
When purchasing a policy we will send the entire policy to you via your email address. On receipt please make sure you read it thoroughly and familiarise yourself with all aspects of the policy. We will gladly explain anything you may be unsure of or are concerned about. Contact Us

6. If you were to cancel before departure, how much would you lose?

Choose cover with Cancellation or Curtailment cover that takes this into account.

Choose insurance where Cancellation cover matches your expenses as closely as possible or consider purchasing an optional Cancellation and Curtailment increased benefit.

If you have further questions about travel insurance, please refer to:

Travel Insurance Consultants (Pty) Ltd
The Pavilion The Wanderers Office Park 52 Corlett Drive Illovo Johannesburg
P O Box 3337 Cramerview 2060 South Africa
T +27 (0)11 521 4000
F +27 (0)11 521 4401