Sport Cover

Sporting activities are covered automatically. The activities indicated below will require an extension, this can be bought when clicking on "Add Sport" when viewing the Cover Options (Step 2) during the "Get a quote or buy" process. An additional premium will be payable.

  • Mountaineering over 3,500m and/or mountaineering which necessitates the use of crampons, ropes, ice axes and/or oxygen – Mountain ranges are specified in the list below.
  • Rugby
  • Touring on a motorcycle with an engine capacity of over 500cc
  • Boxing
  • Cage Fighting
  • Roller Derby
  • Professional sports (where You receive monetary compensation as a means of, or, as a contribution to Your livelihood) (View a list of activities we exclude entirely / do not cover)

Mountain ranges:

  • Kangchenjunga up to base camp
  • Mount Everest up to base camp
  • Mt Aconcagua up to base camp
  • Mt Annapurna up to base camp
  • Mt Batura Sar up tp base camp
  • Mt Changtse up to base camp
  • Mt Cho Oyo up to base camp
  • Mt Chomo Lonzo up to base camp
  • Mt Elbrus
  • Mt Gasherbrum up to base camp
  • Mt Godwin Austen up to base camp
  • Mt Gyachung Kang up to base camp
  • Mt K2 up to base camp
  • Mt Karakoram up to base camp
  • Mt Kenya
  • Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Mt Lhotse up to base camp
  • Mt Makalu up to base camp
  • Mt McKinley/Denali up to base camp
  • Mt Mont Blanc
  • Mt Muztagh Ata
  • Mt Nanga Parbat up to base camp
  • Mt Nuptse up to base camp
  • Mt Nyiragongo
  • Mt Stanley / Rwenzori Mountains
  • Mt Vinson Massif up to base camp
We will not pay for any claim arising from:
a. Your participation in the following sporting events and/or activities:
  1. Hunting;
  2. Sky Diving, Cliff Diving, Free Diving, Cave Diving;
  3. Parachuting, Hang Gliding;
  4. Tow-in surfing;
  5. Mountain biking;
  6. BMX riding and racing;
  7. Motor racing of any kind;
  8. Horce racing of any kind;
  9. White water rafting, Level 5 and 6;
  10. Climbing Mount Everest past base camp. No assistance or cover is provided for incidents occuring past Mount Everest base camp;
  11. Fish River Canyon hike and trail;
  12. Rock climbing.

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