General FAQs

Our FAQs relating to the Coronavirus
See our FAQS about the Coronavirus
How do I get a quote?
The quickest way is to buy online on our website: rightarrow
How can I pay for my insurance?
Online we accept credit cards.

Is it Safe?

Yes, our site is 128 bit encrypted by Verisign.

How soon before my trip should I buy travel insurance?
Travel insurance must be obtained before you embark on your journey. You can purchase travel insurance up to 12 months before you travel, however the journey cancellation benefit is only effective six months prior to your departure.
Do I have to start and finish my trip in my country of residence?

Yes. Unless you are buying our Immigration product, but then you must be travelling from South Africa.

I am currently overseas and have no insurance. Can I still take out a TIC policy?

No. Travel insurance must be obtained before you embark on your journey.

I am going overseas for over a year. Will TIC cover me?

Yes if you are 28 years of age, or younger, and you are travelling you can obtain cover for up to two years on our Youth travel insurance policy.
If you are older than 28, then the maximum cover you can purchase from us is for 365 days.

What about travel into high-risk areas, like Africa?

Available medical facilities and expertise in Africa can be inadequate and there’s a high chance that travellers may need to be evacuated by air ambulance from an African country should they require emergency medical assistance, which is prohibitively expensive.
Due to the prevalence of HIV/Aids and Hepatitis B and C in many African countries, it is reassuring for travellers to know that should they require a blood transfusion, TIC is a member of the Blood Care Programme, operated by the Blood Care Foundation, which provides screened blood to its members in any part of the world.

Assistance FAQs

How do I contact you when I'm overseas?

If you have an emergency while tavelling abroad, you can make contact with a designated assistance company. Reverse charges are accepted 24/7.
Check on your policy documentation near the bottom of page one where you will find the Emergency Assistance company's contact details. If you only have data access and cannot make a telephonic call you can chat online to our assistance company.

Claims FAQs

How do I contact you when I'm overseas?

If you have an emergency while tavelling abroad, you can contact the assistance company. Reverse charges are accepted 24/7.
Check on your policy documentation near the bottom of Page one where you will find the Emergency Assistance company's contact details. If you only have data access and cannot make a telephonic call you can chat online to our assistance company.

How do I make a claim?

See our claims procedure.

What is the time limit for registering a claim?

You must lodge your claim within 30 days of your return to South Africa.

What supporting documentation do I need for a claim?

The supporting documentation required depends on the nature of your claim.

I am unable to provide or obtain the documentation required. Can I still submit a claim for consideration?

You may still lodge the claim. The assessment thereof will be delayed, however, until the necessary documentation has been provided.

Why do I need to submit a police report with a theft claim?

It is a condition precedent to our liability that all losses must be reported.

Do I have to wait until I am back in South Africa to claim?

No, you may lodge a claim while you are travelling abroad.

Policy FAQs

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides you with cover against travel risks such as medical emergencies, cancellation, curtailment, luggage loss, accidental death and disablement and personal liability, allowing you to relax and enjoy your journey with complete peace of mind. Whilst you pay for your insurance in a local currency any medical expenses will be covered in foreign currency.

What type of travel insurance should I get?

Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) has designed a range of quality travel insurance products to provide leisure and business travellers with cover for their specific requirements in the event of a medical or travel emergency while travelling both locally and abroad. There are also special policies for Youth and Senior travellers, as well as a Group Policy for groups of 10 or more travellers. Get help with deciding on the most suitable product to buy. rightarrow

What is the difference between TIC’s basic and comprehensive products?

TIC offers Leisure Standard and Leisure Comprehensive policies for travellers up to the age of 69. The Leisure Standard product is TIC’s budget travel insurance product, suited for travel to neighbouring countries or where the Rand has a reasonable exchange rate, while the Leisure Comprehensive product is recommended for travel cover to destinations where the Rand exchange rate is high.
Compare these products for Leisure Travel.

What should I do if I am unable to open my policy documents?

You may need a pdf document reader installed on your device in order to read the documents.
If you are still unable to view them, contact us.

Would skiing be covered?

Yes. Leisure skiing is covered. See further information on Sports Cover.

Which sports are automatically included?

Sports undertaken for leisure purposes, for example, snow skiing, water skiing and scuba diving, are automatically covered. All other sports that are deemed hazardous, high risk or professional require a sports extension to be arranged prior to departure. See information on Sports Cover.

Are pregnant travellers insured?

Yes. Any pregnancy related emergency that occurs up to the first day of the 26th week of pregnancy is covered.

Can I extend my travel insurance policy?

Yes, as long as you haven’t already claimed on your policy. Maximum 365 days. You will need to contact TIC prior to policy expiration.

Will I be covered for any dental treatment?

Yes. If You require emergency dental treatment We will insure You for Reasonable and Customary Dental Expenses up to a limit of R5 000, unless preauthorisation is given by the Assistance Company, for the immediate relief of pain and / or emergency repair to restore dental function.

I may be performing manual labour during my journey. Will I be covered for any injuries related to this?

Yes. You will be covered up to the limit indicated in your Schedule of Insurance but only under the Business Industrial policy.

If I am travelling into Africa is malaria covered?

Yes. Emergency malaria treatment is covered. We recommend that you be aware of the risks associated with contracting malaria and take precautionary measures before departure. Anti-malaria medication should be obtained from a travel clinic prior to departure.

Who is covered on a Double policy ?

Any two people travelling together on the same itinerary.

Can I change the policy I have purchased to enhance my cover? For example, if I decide I want the pre-existing illness benefit?

Yes, you may, provided you contact us prior to your departure.

We are planning to travel. Will we be covered should we cancel/postpone our trip prior to commencement and/or if we have to return home due to an elderly parent dying while we are away?

Our cancellation benefit is applicable up to 6 months prior to your departure date from South Africa. If the death is accidental or due to natural causes, and not as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, vascular, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular conditions if you are over 69, then we do provide cancellation cover for such instances.

I am a UK citizen but I am a permanent resident of South Africa currently living in Cape Town. I am travelling to the UK and then onto Greece and wanted to know if I would be covered by TIC when I purchase a policy?

Yes, you can travel on a TIC policy provided that you are a resident of South Africa. Your country of Residence is defined as follows : The country in which You live and which is regarded as Your permanent home. If You are a temporary resident in a country, that will be deemed to be Your Country of Residence for the purpose of the policy, if You have citizenship of or a work permit or have been resident in that country for longer than 12 consecutive months.

My daughter is travelling to Thailand to take up a teaching position. What are her options for travel insurance?

A business administrative policy can be bought for your daughter. If she is travelling for longer than 1 year then a youth policy will be more suitable.

I am travelling overseas and see my medical aid covers me for 90 days. Do I need any other travel insurance for my journey?

Medical aids would typically not pay for the repatriation of mortal remains and non-medical benefits such as cancellation and curtailment, luggage cover and personal accident and personal liability cover. So consider our Leisure Standard or Comprehensive policy while you are travelling on medicl aid cover.

Local Travel (Within South Africa) FAQs

Will TIC cover local domestic travel?

Yes. TIC’s Local Travel Insurance cover is suited to South African residents travelling within South Africa.

Benefits include:
  • Cancellation and Curtailment cover
  • Burial Expenses benefit
  • Car Rental Excess waiver
  • Car Hire benefit for vehicle breakdowns

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