Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

What is covered in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) for TIC policy holders?
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your travel insurance policy
COVID-19 Coronavirus information
For any information regarding the COVID-19 virus we recommend that you only consult reputable sources.
Kindly visit: 

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases a national public health institute of South Africa
Human coronaviruses were first identified in the 1960’s in patients, they typically include the common cold. Coronaviruses are associated with lower respiratory infections and can affect persons with compromised immune systems. There are five known coronaviruses at present, however more severe and rarer strains of coronavirus do occur such as SARS (2002) and MERS (2012), which have the potential to be lethal. Coronaviruses also occur in mammals and birds.
What is the new strain of Coronavirus – COVID-19?

The latest coronavirus that has surfaced has been labelled COVID-19. At this point the virus is deemed to be a new strain of coronavirus.

When and where did the COVID-19 start?

It is currently understood that COVID-19 started in the wildlife section of the South China Seafood market in the Jiang’an district in Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province with approximately 10 million inhabitants.

How long is COVID-19 expected to last for?

There is no way of knowing how long it will last as it is yet to be determined how many people may have been infected in the Wuhan district whilst the virus was not known. Many of the residents of Wuhan have undertaken normal travel between the start of the virus and before the Wuhan province was cordoned off by the Chinese government. In the past when both SARS (2002) and MERS (2012) where identified the escalation period of the virus lasted between 6 to 9 months. As soon as COVID-19 was detected and determined to be a new strain of coronavirus the Chinese government has taken unprecedented measures to contain any further exposure. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also been decisive in raising the alert levels quickly so that all countries act accordingly. These measures will go a long way to limiting the outbreak.

How would I become infected with COVID-19?

Coronaviruses are spread typically through close contact transmission with an infected person. Typical examples of transmission of the virus occur when a person is exposed to fluids, sneezing, coughing or contact surfaces.

How do I protect myself against COVID-19 whilst travelling?
Protecting yourself against potential infection starts with the basics:
  • Do not interact with persons who are coughing or have a fever
  • Avoid crowded places and events
  • Use hand sanitisers frequently
  • At present (2020-02-18) using face masks is deemed to be a good but limited preventative measure. It is suggested that the measures listed above are used in conjunction with face masks.
What happens if I contract COVID-19 whilst travelling?
Your immediate action should be to call the assistance partner indicated on your policy and they will make the necessary arrangements to ensure you are treated at the most appropriate medical facility.

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