Sell as an approved agent or broker on your website

Let your clients buy travel insurance directly from your site.

White label option

How does it work?

Users click on a link usually attached to a banner, or a text link in your website or in an email. The link opens our system in a new window. Users can:

  • Select a product based on their travel type and age
  • View the cover of each product
  • Get a quote specifically for their journey
  • Purchase online using a credit card securely


  • Minimal programming required
  • Header branding to complement your site
  • Links to the system can be placed in your electronic communication
  • Comply with FAIS. The client pays TIC directly, but you still earn commission.

What will I earn?

You will earn 20% commission on any sale.

What will it cost me?

There is no set-up cost.

What do I need to do to set this up?

You must be a registered agent of TIC.

Create a header.

It should contain your logo and should be identical (or as close to identical as possible) to the header on your site. This should be in Jpeg Format. It cannot be flash.
Width: 960px
Maximum height: 200px

The image must be one image and should not be broken down into smaller images.

Set-up request

Send an email to karenb{at} providing:

  • Your company name
  • Your TIC account code
  • The name of a person registered in the system to whom we should allocate the sales
  • Attach your header. (Explained above)
  • Your website URL

That's it to get started. TIC will set up the system and be in contact with you to provide you with the link you will use in any electronic communication and on your website.

Suggestions for increasing sales

In your email communications to your clients, promote that they can buy travel insurance on your website and provide the link.
Promote travel insurance on your home page. The clearer the links to buy travel insurance the more likely it is that your clients will click on them.

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