Global Travel Insurance
Global Travel Insurance will keep you covered no matter where you go in the world, when you purchase your full travel (conveyance) ticket on your FNB qualifying card.


To qualify for Global Travel Insurance:

Purchase your full travel (conveyance) ticket with a qualifying FNB card and if you are 70 years or younger, you will automatically be covered for the first 90 days of your journey, up to the benefit limit of the qualifying card.

If you are between the age of 71 and 85, you still qualify for travel insurance however a premium is payable in order to obtain your travel insurance policy.

Complete the details below, under "Issue your travel insurance policy" to obtain your travel insurance policy. You will be issued with your Schedule of Insurance that details the benefits and limits you qualify for, a Visa letter and your policy wording. If anything is unclear, please contact the Global Travel Insurance Help Desk on 0861 490 100.

Which cards qualify for FNB's Global Travel Insurance?

  • Consumer cards:
    • FNB Classic and Gold Credit Card
    • FNB Premier Cheque and Credit Card
    • FNB Private Clients Cheque and Credit Card
    • FNB Private Wealth Cheque and Credit Card
    • RMB Private Bank Cheque and Credit Card
    • FNB Fusion Premier Card
    • FNB Fusion Private Clients Card
    • FNB Fusion Private Wealth Card
  • Business cards:
    • FNB Business Gold Credit Card
    • FNB Business Platinum Cheque and Credit Card
    • FNB Business Black Cheque and Credit Card
    • FNB Private Clients Business Cheque Card
    • FNB Private Wealth Business Cheque Card
    • RMB Private Bank Business Cheque Card
    • FNB Lodge Card
  • Wesbank Classic and Gold Credit Card
  • Kulula Credit Card
  • FNB Namibia Credit Cards
  • FNB Botswana Credit Cards

Why do I need this?

Travelling is very exciting but it can be stressful too. Due to the increasing exchange rate of the Rand against many foreign currencies, travelling without travel insurance has the potential to leave you financially crippled. Hospital costs for a serious injury can run into millions of Rands! FNB's Global Travel Insurance provides you with the peace of mind that your emergency medical costs will be covered in the foreign currency you require.

There are varying benefits and limits of cover provided and these are dependent on the card used to purchase your travel (conveyance) ticket. It includes medical expenses cover, from R3million up to R10million, accidental death and permanent total disablement cover and for clients up to an including 70 years of age, in-hospital emergency cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

Important to note:
1. The maximum number of travellers per cardholder per journey is :
  • 8 for Consumer Cardholder
  • 10 for Corporate or Lodge Cardholders
2. You can purchase a travel (conveyance) ticket and qualify for the travel insurance for yourself, a member of your immediate family, or a travel companion who is travelling with you on the same itinerary.
3. Senior travellers aged 71 and over are not insured for pre-existing illnesses, cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease.
4. A pre-existing condition refers to medical treatment received for an illness or condition that has occurred within six months prior to your journey. On-going medication will also be considered “pre-existing”.
5. Read and understand your terms and conditions prior to departing on your journey. Phone the Global Travel Insurance Help Desk if you have any query on your cover.

What if I want higher benefit limits?
There are two Optimum options available to you if you are 70 years or younger, at an additional premium, should you require more medical cover, luggage, cancellation or curtailment, plus other benefits.

Terms and conditions apply*

What do I get?

The most important benefit on your travel insurance policy is your emergency medical cover. This covers your medical costs in the event of injury or illness whilst travelling outside the borders of South Africa. Local cover is in excess of cover provided by your medical aid scheme.

You can top up cover to increase existing benefits, or add new benefits that are not offered on your free cover, such as :

» Losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation or cutting your trip short
» Death and disability cover
» Personal liability cover
» Luggage cover
» Various other inconvenience benefits

These can be obtained by purchasing the Optimum cover.

Issue your travel insurance policy

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