CAMAF International Travel Cover

At all times, as a CAMAF member, your well-being is a priority. This is especially the case when our members need to travel outside of the borders of South Africa, as hospitalisation costs for medical treatment in foreign countries can leave you financially crippled. As a CAMAF member, you and your noted dependents, will have access to the travel Insurance benefits through TIC.

Complete the details below, under 'Issue your Certificate' to obtain your own travel insurance policy. You will be issued with your Schedule of Insurance that details the benefits and limits available to you, a Visa letter and your policy wording. If anything is unclear, please contact the Travel Insurance Help Desk on 011 521 4500.


Which CAMAF Options qualify for Travel Insurance?

The CAMAF travel insurance products are available to international travellers who are valid, paid up members of CAMAF and who are not older than 80 years of age.
  • Who can be covered under this policy?
    • the principal member
    • a dependent noted with CAMAF

What is NOT covered automatically on the Travel Insurance?

  • Pregnancy or childbirth from the 1st day of the 26th week of pregnancy
  • A child born whilst on the journey
  • Treatment that the medical advisors are aware will arise during the International Journey or where a medical advisor has advised against travel
  • Vascular, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular conditions if the member is over the age of 69 years
  • Investigatory treatment that is not specified by a medical practitioner appointed by the Insurer as immediately necessary
  • Elective surgery, procedures or medical appointments
  • Luggage cover
  • Rescheduling of flights
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Personal liability cover

Why do I need this?

Travelling is very exciting but it can be stressful too. Due to the increasing exchange rate of the Rand against many foreign currencies, travelling without travel insurance has the potential to leave you financially crippled. Hospital costs for a serious injury or unexpected and unforeseen illness can run into millions of Rands!

What do I get?

The most important benefit on your travel insurance policy is your emergency medical cover. CAMAF covers your medical costs in the event of injury or illness whilst travelling outside the borders of South Africa.
  • You can top up your cover with increased benefits, and additional new benefits that are not offered on your free cover, by selecting the cover option called 'CAMAF Including Top Up':

Issue your certificate

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